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Velez Intense Hydration Eye Mask



Enhanced with the revitalizing power of 95% water, these eye masks provide the delicate eye area with the hydration it needs, as they smooth the skin.


Due to its nanostructured fiber network our masks ensure deep penetration of water; the eye contour instantly appears more rested and renewed.


With Immediate and long-lasting cooling of the skin for up to 2 hours, the eye area feels cool, refreshed and the appearance of puffiness is visibly reduced.

Sensitive Skin

Enriched with pure water containing no preservatives or additives, this pure, natural product minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction or rash. The masks sooth the under-eye area and help alleviate the feeling of fatigued eyes.

How to Apply:

Remove eye masks from the protective tray.

Apply self-adhering masks onto clean under-eye area.

Place the mask on inner corner of the eye and align wider end of the mask to outer corner of the eye. Allow mask to work for at least 15 - 20 minutes.

For continued benefits, enjoy the mask for up to 60 minutes.


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